Wash & Grow Box
Wash & Grow Box
Wash & Grow Box
Wash & Grow Box

Wash & Grow Box

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Moisturize, Grow & Retain your length today! Includes: 5oz Shampoo & Conditioner bars , 2 Soap Savers, 4oz Hair Butter, 1oz Growth Cocktail & My EBook My Journey to Healthy and Long Hair.

Give your hair the love and attention it needs. If you suffer from dry & hard to manage hair. This box is for you. From start to finish and even weeks later, you will still feel them working.

My growth shampoo bars are made with Raw African Black, Honey & Oatmeal Soap. This trio cleans, moisturize & grows your hair. It's made into a massager so you get the perfect scalp massage every wash. No more dreading wash day.

My growth conditioner bars have the perfect slip to keep your hair moisturized and shiny. They are infused with Chebe oil which is known for its hair growth power. End your wash routine with a conditioner that not only conditions your hair but grows it as well.

Comes with a premium Soap Saver. Antimicrobial protection, odor resistance & BPA free. They lift soap and keep then clean and fresh. They are non slip and east to clean.

Seal your moisture in with my hair growth butter. A creamy, whipped butter infused with Chebe oil, Shae & Mango butter. It's light weight and melts on contact. Helps to manage your hair and keeps your curls poppin. 

My Growth Cocktail is my best seller. Keep your scalp and edges oiled and protected with the best growth oil available. It's made with 13 oils to protect, grow & retain your hair.

Last but most important you will get my ebook, My Journey to Healthy & Long hair. I tell you my back story on how I start out on my hair journey. I give you my complete hair routine that you can start using and adjust if need be.

I am here for you every step of the way! Let me know at anytime if you need assistance.