90-Day Hair Growth Challenge

90-Day Hair Growth Challenge

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Gain access to private group chat, to help track your hair growth journey, get discounts on hair growth products & more, engage with others on their hair journey as well to share tips and motivate each other, Get my personal assistance when needed & so much more.


This is a community for those wanting to start their hair journey rather you are relaxed, transitioning, natural or loc'd. You're hair journey is a lifestyle and it takes consistency & patience. It will help to have other motivating along the way.


Hair challenge will start July 1st - Oct 1st. You can enter at anything as long as you check track of when you entered. It is recommended you complete at least 30 days consistently.


You do not have to purchase the hair growth products but it is recommended but you can substitute with any other products. If you have already purchased your products from me, you can use them in the challenge and still use the discount code when you need to get more.


You will need to download telegram in order to access the group chat. All further information will be available to you once you enter group chat. Once you purchase you will receive a link to join the group chat on Telegram.